Customer Reviews - Thermal Touch Gloves

Here are 10 customer reviews about our Thermal Touch Gloves! 

Review name: Atlas H.

Review stars: 5/5

Review title: Comfortable! 

Review description: Very easy to wear, no need for struggle lol. It's also very soft and comfortable.



Review name: Martin McCann 

Review stars: 5/5

Review title: Versatile  

Review description: I liked them so much I bought a 2nd pair for myself plus 2 more pairs for my wife and adult son. Great driving gloves. I play outdoor winter Pickleball in the 2nd pair. The more precise and tighter the fit the more efficient the touch screen feature functionality. 


Review name: Suzanne Brown 

Review stars: 5/5

Review title: I really like these!

Review description: I was a little surprised by these gloves. For the price I paid I wasn't expecting such a great quality product. Very pleasantly surprised . I would definitely order again


Review name: Legolfer

Review stars: 5/5

Review titleQuick delivery, item was warm and comfortable 

Review description: Great bye, tried them on a long drive and they were great.


Review name: Jane B. 

Review stars: 5/5

Review title: Nice fit and comfortable 

Review description: Everyday use in this colder temperature. Light and comfortable.


Review name: Donna R. 

Review stars: 5/5

Review title: Very warm! 

Review description: very warm on my hands and amazing fingertips, can use them and be on my phone



Review name: William L.

Review stars: 5/5

Review titleSleek gloves compatible with touch screens

Review descriptionNice sleek gloves that allow me to use my phone with them on. They work just as described and are pretty warm.



Review name: Jeffery T. 

Review stars: 5/5

Review title: I recommend! 

Review description: Good gloves and feels like it’s a really good quality!



Review name: Flaso

Review stars: 5/5

Review title: Practical 

Review description: Simple gloves to use for walking the dog and using my phone



Review name: Christopher Meyers 

Review stars: 5/5

Review title: Fit how gloves should  

Review description: Fit like a glove should fit, tight and snug 


Many love our Thermal Touch Gloves, they are truly great gloves for the winter season. If you are interest in purchasing click here