How Do Touch Screen Gloves Work?


With our world becoming increasingly digital, we need new ways to keep our hands warm while performing tasks with touch screens. With the new Touch Screen gloves on the market, they can keep your hand warm while enabling one to have full tactile control of touchscreens, from zooming to texting, to scrolling and swiping.  It has also carried over to the workplace, too, for both convenience and safety, it makes sense that a worker would not want to take off their gloves. Comfort and functionality are two of the most crucial features workers look for in these gloves. In this article, we will dive into what innovative technology that allows these Touch Screen Gloves to work.

How touch screen works

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In order to understand how touch screen gloves work, we need to understand how our smart devices detect our touch and movements. Most modern touch screens use capacitive sensing to pick up the touch. Capacitive sensors work by measuring changes in an electrical property called capacitance. Capacitance describes how two conductive objects with a space between them respond to a voltage difference applied to them.

The glass insulator coated with a transparent conductor in our phones helps detect capacitance. When a finger—which is conductive—touches the screen, the capacitance changes, and the screen’s circuitry picks up this change and is able to zero in on the exact location of the touch on the screen. That information is then used to activate an app, use a keyboard, respond to a phone call, etc.

What happens when we use regular gloves?

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So what happens when your hands are covered up with hand protection? In simple terms, most gloves are made with non-conductive materials and, as a result, will block off electrical signals to our touch screens. This keeps our fingers and hands warm, but does not allow us to interact with our smartphones and other touch screen devices.

What makes touchscreen gloves work? 

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The ways to overcome this are to use either a conductive coating or conductive threads. Conductive coatings can be used on the fingertips, or the gloves can be knitted with conductive threads. These coatings or threads will act as a regular finger, giving on electrical signals to our devices. Many gloves have material made with the threads that allow for easy swiping of any electronic device. 

So that’s how touch screen glove technology works. It will keep your hand warm while giving you the control and precision to operate a smart device. Looking to purchase one of your own touch screen gloves? Here is the one we recommend:

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Winter Outdoor Warm Thermal Touch Gloves

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