Thermal Touch Gloves versus other leading brands

Winter is underway and it’s time to get prepared to battle the elements. The cold, snow, and wind of winter is coming! Get yourself ready by equipping yourself with the proper apparel and accessories to keep yourself warm! 

In this blog I will be comparing Thermal Touch Gloves to a very recognized brand in terms of winter wear, Canada goose. Canada goose has been at the top of the winter wear industry for 40 years. With that being said, their products should be very high quality in comparison to other brands. So comparing and contrasting our Thermal Touch Gloves to Canada goose’s best gloves should give you a good understanding of the capabilities of our Thermal Touch Gloves. 

Canada Goose's Northern Utility Gloves are one of their companies best sellers. At a price of $275 Canadian, the northern utility gloves should have some outstanding, never before seen features… Right?! Well let's take a look. 

The main features of the gloves (as shown on their website) include: a nylon zipper pocket, elastic drawcord for tightening and loosening, velcro closing at the wrist, glove clips, touch screen capabilities on index finger pad, and they're filled with quilted-down to keep your hands warm. The northern utility gloves have some nice features, but there aren't any which make me think spending $275 on a pair is even remotely worth it. Now let us take a look at a pair of Thermal Touch Gloves. 

Some of the main features of Thermal Touch Gloves include: thick and warm interior nylon fluff ensures consistent hand warmth, high sensitivity 3 finger touch screen capabilities, wind proof, water proof, adjustable sizing zipper for optimal fit, anti-skid design to give excellent grip in harsh conditions and protect your palms. 

The Thermal Touch Gloves have some pretty awesome features which I haven't seen on premium gloves before. I think the adjustable zipper is a great addition to these gloves, ensuring a perfect fit. There's been countless times I've been snowboarding, I fall down and because my gloves are not the perfect snug fit, my gloves end up with all kinds of snow and water inside. Leading to the rest of the day being extremely uncomfortable. These gloves are equipped to solve this issue which is fantastic. 

The Thermal Touch Gloves have also implemented the newest waterproof and windproof materials! These waterproof and windproof materials make our gloves perfect for outdoor sports like: skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and hiking. Keep your hands warm, dry, and comfortable during any activity! 

Lastly, the 3 finger touch screen capabilities and anti-skid designs make the Thermal Touch Gloves seem like a really good deal to me. Especially since they're only priced at $24.99, a very well priced alternative to overpriced “premium” gloves. 

Considering Thermal Touch Gloves contain as many, if not more beneficial features than Canada Goose’s Northern Utility Gloves, and they’re under a tenth of the price, it’s easy to see what the better choice of gloves is. 

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